Let Affordable CDL Training School give you the opportunity to provide you with a tool that can be a career or get you by until your professional career choice opens up. With a Commercial Drivers License you can join a proud profession in dire need of workers. Take the time to look around right now; everything you see at one time or another has been in a truck. The next time you are driving think about how far you can go without seeing a commercial motor vehicle. Point made! These driving professionals are making a living and not worrying about where their income is coming from.


With a minimal investment of time and money Affordable CDL Training School can train you to get your Commercial Drivers License. We offer day, night and weekend programs to fit your schedule. Our class sizes are small to provide a favorable student to instructor ratio. The students you’re in class with are the same students you practice with and take your Connecticut DMV on-site driving test with. Down load our school catalog and syllabus to try before you buy. No other school currently provides this detail online, why?


Affordable CDL Training School isn’t called this on coincidence. Compare our prices (seeConnecticut Department of Higher Education on our links page) with other schools. We offer the best dedicated training at a price that makes sense. A safe professional driver is our goal; our students are respected and sought after in the trucking industry.


What makes us better then the rest?

So when you compare what you get from other schools think about this. What am I getting and why we call ourselves Affordable. We are a lot more than the cheapest school, we are the school that cares and thinks of you the individual.